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For more than 100 years, Scouting magazine has remained the sacred guide and trusted source to “All-Things-Scouting” for more than 3 million leaders, parents, and volunteers of the Boy Scouts of America.

Subscribers eagerly scour our pages to plan a variety of engaging group activities ranging from camping trips to fundraising product purchases. We keep them current with the latest resources and happenings in the Scouting movement, which includes covering topics such as our high-adventure bases, camps, and merit badges.

Some readers’ favorite sections include “The Gear Guy,” which offers recommendations for the latest and greatest outdoor gear. They might pick up a new recipe in “Dutch Treat” and learn tips for withstanding risky situations like lightning storms in “Survive This!” We also address important topics that offer solutions and advice for dealing with everyday situations, not just within their troop/pack or crew, but their families as well.

Scouting magazine prides itself on knowing that our subscribers consider our publication a staple for enhancing their outdoor, Scouting, and active family lifestyle. visitors can easily navigate through the site to keep current with all the happenings of Scouting movement and read more in-depth information about topics covered in the latest issues.

To further support the success of our loyal advertisers, we’re now offering more interactive digital opportunities that will maximize engagement with your brand for a unique and lasting experience. Check out the new highlight reel on our homepage that spotlights Scouting news, promotions, and articles from recent issues. Be sure to keep up with our reader favorite blog “Bryan On Scouting,” which now has sponsorship opportunities available too!

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